Free loan of Stonehenge model if you book a workshop!

I now have a large, 1:29 scale model of Stonehenge you can borrow for up to a week, if you book any Time Trips workshop.

The model consists of 76 wooden painted blocks and a green, grassy-patterned mat which children can use to construct a large, realistic model of this ancient monument. The outer circle is 114cm wide and the largest blocks (for the central trilithons) are 23cm tall. A small group of children could take about 30 minutes to make the model and perhaps to create their own stone age monuments.

Instructions are included, as well as card cut-outs of stone age men for children to make, and so give a sense of the scale of the monument. All of this is contained in a sturdy plastic storage box.

In addition, you will get two A3 photos of Stonehenge to keep for free (see below).

Shipping costs

The loan will be entirely free if I can bring the model and take it back while I am visiting to do the workshop you have booked.

If you prefer you can keep the model for up to a week, and send it back by courier (cost about 10). I can arrange this for you.
Alternatively I can post it to you and pick it up when I visit.

If you want to borrow the model some other time, when I am not visiting, then you will have to pay for shipping each way. Of course if you can pick up and/or drop off the model from my house in Didsbury then there will be no shipping charge.

Card cut-out

FREE A3 photos provided with the model:

Original plan of the stones