NEW! Solar System Kit

The Solar System models which you can buy for schools are never to scale - some planets are too large and others too small. This means that children are learning the wrong ideas about the sizes of the planets. In addition the colours are usually inaccurate.

You can now buy the set of balls and other resources I use in the Solar System workshop, so your children can paint their own ACCURATE scale model. A painting guide and photos are provided so they can paint the CORRECT colours for each planet or moon. By mixing and painting colours themselves, children will learn those colours much better.

Two Models

The kit includes 29 balls for two different models, at two scales - see images below. The reason for this is that you can make one model including all the planets and major moons (see first photo below). However, the inner planets and moons are very small in this model (Earth and Venus are 4cm and the moons are 1-1.5cm), so it is hard to paint much detail.

You will therefore receive balls for a second model at a much larger scale, with just the inner planets and moons (see second photo below). If you purchase the kit after the school has booked me for a workshop then I will bring the kit with me, so you save on postage. In addition you will receive a detailed set of instructions (emailed by Wetransfer or copied from my USB stick if I visit), including fact files on each planet or moon, a paint mixing guide, a full set of high quality photos, and more.

You will need to provide acrylic paints and other painting resources (brushes, palettes, water pots etc.). You will also need a large piece of card (90cm square) to make the rings of Saturn. I will send 2 card 'compasses' which you can use to accurately draw out the rings on your card.

See below for further details.




Contents of Kit


Model 1 (Small scale, all planets and major moons)*:

1x48cm beach ball (Jupiter)

1x38cm beach ball (Saturn)

1x90cm square sheet cardboard (Saturn's rings) - only provided if I deliver while visiting the school for a workshop

2x pair of compasses made of card (for drawing rings)

2x15cm polystyrene balls (Uranus and Neptune)

2x4cm polystyrene balls (Earth and Venus)

1x2cm polystyrene ball (Mars)

4x1.5cm wooden balls (Ganymede, Callisto, Mercury, Titan)

5x1cm wooden balls (The Moon, Io, Europa, Pluto, Triton)

Sandpaper (to sand beach balls - helps paint stick)

2xcard compasses for drawing out the rings of Saturn

*if you prefer you can buy model 1 on its own - see below


Model 2 (Large scale, all inner planets and major moons):

2x38cm beach balls (Earth, Venus)

1x20cm polystyrene ball (Mars)

4x15cm polystyrene balls (Ganymede, Callisto, Titan, Mercury)

2x10cm polystyrene balls (The Moon, Io)

1x9cm polystyrene ball (Europa)

1x8cm polystyrene ball (Triton)

1x7cm polystyrene ball (Pluto)

1x1.5cm wooden ball (Enceladus)


Printable instructions (emailed via Wetransfer):

General instructions for making the model

Instructions for making the rings of Saturn

Paint mixing guide (guide to which colours are needed for which planet/moon, as well as how to mix them using a basic set of acrylic paints)

Detailed list of resources, including which paint colours are required for each planet/moon

Fact files on each planet and moon with photos (in both Word and PDF format), so children can do further reading, create labels, do presentations, or write about their planet or moon

Complete set of high resolution photos of each planet and moon (for children to copy from and for display)

Table guide - suggestions for which planet/moon should be painted on which table (so children can share colours efficiently)

Assignment sheet - to assign children to each planet and moon

Note: it is recommended that you laminate these instructions to protect them from paint and so you can use them in future years


To purchase:

Cost: £30 plus £5 postage = £35

If your school has booked me for a workshop, the postage fee will not apply, so the total cost will be £30. I will add this to the invoice for the workshop(s) and bring the resources when I visit to do the workshop.

If the school has not booked a workshop and I am posting the kit to you, I will send an invoice for £35 to the school office. When I receive the payment I will post the kit.

Please email me at or call 0161 224 6445 (mob 07754 406422) to make arrangements.


Purchasing the small scale model only (model 1)

You can buy only the small scale kit if you prefer - this would be suitable for a small class (there will not be enough to occupy a class of normal size, i.e. more than about 25 children). The cost for this is £20 plus £5 postage.