Welcome to Thoth's Pen - a selection of writings intended to show my range and skill. I have written for a wide variety of purposes, and in many styles and genres, including fiction, drama, academic writing, and newspaper and web articles. I have also edited and proofread a large number of papers, articles, theses and books.

Please contact me if you have any writing needs. I am a hardworking, professional, and careful writer, and utterly reliable. Email me at tnorth67@hotmail.com, or phone me on 0161 438 6634 or 07754 405422. Enjoy reading!


The King Herself - a novel for children and adults about ancient Egypt

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Marathon - a novel for children and adults about the famous battle

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April - a short story for teenagers about a girl and the friend who bullies her.

Paint Like an Egyptian - Ancient Egypt Magazine, Feb 2007

Students Keep Heat on Burma Crisis

- Voices of Central Pennsylvania, Aug 1996

A Black and White Case - Voices of Central Pennsylvania, Dec 1996

From Patriot to Protester - Voices of Central Pennsylvania, March 1997

School for Scandal - Voices of Central Pennsylvania, March 1997

Ordinance would punish teenagers for doing nothing - The Daily Collegian, June 1997

A college education through memorization is not ideal - The Daily Collegian, July 1997

US trade embargo on Cuba - it's
illegal and hypocritical
- The Daily Collegian, July 1997

Press Release
for Penn State's participation in the international 48-hour Burma fast, 1996

A Case of Night Terrors - a report for the Society of Psychical Research on a 'haunting' in Bolton, 1993

Relaxation Procedure - script of a relaxation tape I made for clinical psychology patients


Four Greek myth plays for children, published by Lazybee Scripts:

The Olympian Myths
Theseus and the Minotaur
Perseus and Medusa
Odysseus and the Cyclops

To view these plays on the Lazybee website, click on search for scripts (top left), then under search by author select North.


Part of a thesis
on political relations between Indonesia and the UK, showing the original next to the final edited and proofread version.

Part of a thesis on the chemistry of polymer membranes, showing the markup, followed by the final version.

An essay on community health showing my comments about the content



These are from my time as a graduate student at Penn State University in the USA, 1994-1999. The first two are from a course on social development in children, the third is from a course on video making.

Good parenting

The self

Prelude to Dog Star Man



Experiential Learning Theory (ELT)
-  articles for a website on learning and development in corporations


Benefits of ELT

Using EL

Using ELT at work

ELT - the four stages

Work Teams - articles on effective teamwork for the same website


What is a good team?

The benefits of teams

Team roles

Team problems


How to Write a Good Story - a guide for children

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Time Trips - my school workshop business

Blue Dolphins - my artwork, photography and videos

More About Thoth, the god of writing


An Egyptian scribe's pen and ink case


Statue of an Egyptian scribe