1. Corinthian

Central Library in Manchester


2. Doric

Town Hall in Athens


3. Ionic

Cafe Muse, University of Manchester


4. Doric

University, Athens


5. Doric

Tholos temple, Delphi


6. Doric

Temple of Apollo, Corinth


7. Corinthian



8. Ionic

Manchester Art Gallery


9. Ionic

Erechtheion, Athens


10. Doric

Hephaestion, Athens


11. Ionic

Free Trade Hall, Manchester


12. Doric

Faculty of Arts, University of Manchester


13. Ionic

Friends' Meeting House,Manchester


14. Doric

Athenian Treasury, Delphi 


15. Doric

Royal Bank of Scotland, Manchester


16. Corinthian

Temple of Zeus (Olympeion), Athens


17. Doric



18. Doric

Building in Manchester


19. Corinthian

Supreme Court, Washington DC


20. Ionic

National Archaeological Museum, Athens


21. Ionic

Portico Library, Manchester, now The Bank pub


22. Ionic

House of Heinrich Schliemann (excavator of Troy), Athens


23. Doric

Offices in Manchester


24. Corinthian

Theatre Royal, Manchester, now a disco, M2


25. Corinthian

St. Anne's Church, Manchester


26. Ionic

British Museum, London



27. Ionic

The White House, Washington DC



28. Doric

Temple of Artemis, Brauron, Greece


29. Ionic

Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester


30. Doric

Hephaestion, Athens