Gold Armband


Armbands and bracelets were very popular in Egypt. Above is an armband which belonged to pharaoh Shoshenq II who died about 890BC. It is one of a pair found in his tomb at Tanis in northern Egypt. It is hinged to allow you to open it and put it on. The picture to the right shows a god wearing two armbands on each arm.

What is it made of?

The armband is made of gold, with lapis lazuli, carnelian and faience inlaid in the cloisonné style.

What does it show?

The armband shows the eye of Horus resting on a bowl. The bowl was the hieroglyph for 'lord'. The Egyptians believed the eye would magically bring health and protection to the wearer.

Above and below: bracelets in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


The picture to the left shows another armband, worn by Tutankhamun. It is also gold, and has a large lapis lazuli scarab beetle.


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