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More Authentic Plays: Instructions


Read the plays here


These versions of the plays have been rewritten to make them more authentic - closer to how plays were written in ancient Greece. In the ancient plays, the chorus (12 or 15 men) would all speak or sing their lines together, interacting at times with the main actors. In the new versions of the plays, the children will have to speak together through the whole play.


To help them keep in time I have made each verse scan with 4 beats in line one, 3 in line two, 4 in line three, and 3 in line four. That's 4 - 3 - 4 - 3 beats in each verse. Lines two and four also rhyme. It will help a great deal if you can practise the chorus parts with the children. They will all stand together to help them hear each other, in two rows, with the front row kneeling.


These more authentic version of the plays also require some of the children to learn their lines. Obviously, more able children who can be relied upon to learn their lines must be given these roles. You can double some speaking roles too if you have very few children who are up to this.


These plays have been published by Lazybee. You will need to look at them on the Lazybee Publishing website. If you wish to do one of them let me know and I will send the script - you don't need to pay Lazybee for them as long as they are part of one of my workshops.