Chapter 16 - Divine Intervention

The Obelisk 


I took the photo right to show how the obelisk appears now, from the same spot Danny and Katy are brought to by Seti. The columns were added later so they would not have been in the way of the sunlight reflected from the obelisk.



Egyptian Weapons


Soldiers in Egypt used a variety of weapons, including hand axes, spears, scimitars (curving swords), daggers, bows, and clubs. Here are a few pics:


Bronze dagger much like the one Seti uses. Click to see Tutankhamun's gold dagger.



Tutankhamun's scimitars  - called khepesh in Egyptian.

These were copied from weapons used by the Asiatics (Syria and Palestine)



3 of Tutankhamun's bows



Model of soldiers with spears and shields (made from wood and covered in animal skins)