Name the Column 2 - USA

In March 2010 I visited New York City and Washington DC and took the photos you on this page. In the USA Greek architecture is used on a lot of important buildings. To the right you can see the Capitol Building in Washington DC. This is where American politicians meet, like our Houses of Parliament. Here you can see all three Greek columns: Corinthian on the bottom, Ionic in the middle, and Doric on top.

See if you can name all the columns on the buildings below. When you've finished click here to see the answers.

Under each picture it tells you what the building is, and which city it is in. NY = New York City, DC = Washington DC.

Think about these questions:

-what are the most popular types of column?

-how many of these buildings have pediments?

-what sort of buildings are these?

-why do you think the Americans used Greek architecture for these buildings?




1. The White House, DC (south side)


2. National Archives, DC

3. Federal Hall, NY (where the first US president, George Washington, took office)

4. National Art Gallery, DC


5. Church, NY

6. Museum of Natural History, NY

7. Museum of Natural History, DC


8. Library of Columbia University, NY


9. The White House, DC (north side)

10. Lincoln Memorial, DC


11. A friend's house, DC


12. Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

13. Continental Hall, DC


14. Grand Central Station, NY

15. Jefferson Memorial, DC

16. Supreme Court, NY

17. Old Stock Exchange, NY

18. Museum of the American Indian, NY


19 & 20. City Hall, NY


21. Stock Exchange, NY

22. Department of Commerce, DC


Click here for the answers