Pictures from Fossils and Bones workshops - Three smaller skeletons

with Year 4 at All Saint's Catholic Primary School, Sale, May 2013.

This was one of my favourite dinosaur workshops ever. The children were lovely, keen and interested, and very artistically talented. Take a look at their amazing fossils and skeletons. They were only the second class to make the Deinonychus (above), Plesiosaurus and Pteranodon, and they did a fantastic job, with the help of some wonderful mothers.

I have now made this activity much easier by dividing the skeletons into sections, so a small group works on a leg, paddle, wing etc. before the parts are stuck together (in the same way as the T rex).




Brittle Star


Dinosaur egg

Velociraptor claw

Ichthyosaur skull (marine reptile)

Trilobite (sea creature)

Making the Deinonychus

Making the Plesiosaurus

Making the Pteranodon


The finished Plesiosaurus and Pteranodon
 (about 3.5m long)

The finished Deinonychus (3m)

Pictures from a Fossils and Bones workshop at Hursthead Primary School,

Cheadle Hulme, May 2013. One class made a T rex, like the previous year. The other two made the Deinonychus, Plesiosaurus and Pteranodon. They were the first children to try this new activity. They didn't quite get the Deinonychus finished on the day and I have now modified all three skeletons to make them easier.


Cutting out the Deinonychus bones
Cutting out Plesiosaurus vertebrae (backbones)

Drawing out the background for the Deinonychus

Cutting out the Deinonychus background

The finished Plesiosaurus (3.5m long)

The finished Pteranodon (3.6m wingspan)