Name the Bone Game

On this page you can see the bones used in the name the bone game, with the name of the bone and the animal it came from. Most are real bones although a few are (very accurate) replicas.To see a larger version of each picture click it. Sizes can be seen from the background grid. Not all the bones below may be used in the game; the number depends on age and time available.

How the game is played

Children will be in teams and have photos showing the skeletons of all the animals and their names, as well as a scale in centimetres. Then children will look at all the bones on a table (4 per table), each of which has a number, and they have to write the name of each bone on an answer sheet next to the number.


Children also have to write which animal it comes from. They will have rulers to measure the bones, and using the scales on the photos they should be able to work out what each bone is. For example, the bison femur is about 40cm long, but the sheep femur is only about 20cm long, and the photos will show this. The children will have to use scientific oberservation and measurement skills to get the correct answers.

After 4 or 5 minutes each team goes to the next table, so eventually all children get to see all the bones. After break we will go through the answers (I will show the bones to the children sitting on the carpet) and each team will get a score.

Click here to see the full skeletons of all the animals in this game

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Animal bones - click for larger versions
Rib of ice age bison.
Bos species, from ice age, 30,000 years old. Found at Yarmouth, IOW.
Vertebra of ice age bison, 30,000 years old
Femur of ice age bison, 30,000 years old Vertebra of ice age bison, 30,000 years old
Cat skull Fox skull
Fox tibia (shin bone) Fox vertebra
Goat pelvis Guinea pig skull
Rabbit femur Rabbit humeri (upper foreleg bone)
Rabbit skull Rabbit pelvis
Rabbit ribs Rabbit scapula (shoulder blade)
Rabbiti tibia and fibula Rabbit ulna and radius
Rabbit vertebra Sheep femur
Sheep rib Sheep ulna and radius