Dinosaur Pictures

On this page are some examples of paleoart - drawings, paintings and models of ancient life.

These are some of the pictures provided to children to inspire them to create their own paleoart.

T rex (12m)


Daspletosaurus (relative of T rex)


T rex head (from Jurassic Park)


T rex head (model at Chester Zoo)


Triceratops (8m)



Deinonychus (3m)


Plesiosaurus (3m)


Pteranodon longiceps (3m)


Huayangosaurus (4m)


A Huayangosaurus I made myself


Dimetrodon - a reptile from the Permian period, before the age of the dinosaurs (3m)


Coelophysis - a nice example of how an artist was inspired by a modern animal in designing a dinosaur (3m)


A Coelophysis I made myself


Chameleon - one of many amazing patterns which might inspire children's dinosaur designs


Green iguana - similar scale patterns to dinosaurs?


Sparrowhawk - inspiration for Deinonychus?


Dolphin - inspiration for Plesiosaurus?