Egypt Photos 4: Luxor


Luxor, West Bank: fields of wheat and alfalfa (the green stuff, used as fodder)



Village on the West Bank, near the Valley of the Queens



The Ramesseum, mortuary temple of Ramses II



Head of a mummy (the guards showed us this at the Ramesseum).



Tomb of Sennefer, Mayor of Thebes,

one of the Tombs of the Nobles (our favourite)



Vine decoration on the ceiling of the tomb of Sennefer




Above the temple of Hatshepsut, Deir el-Bahri




Us on camels in a village on the West Bank




Ramose and his wife - exquisite carvings in the tomb of Ramose




Menna before Osiris at the weighing of the heart,

Tomb of Menna, one of the Tombs of the Nobles



Menna hunting and fishing in the marshes of the afterlife

(both figures are Menna - an enemy has erased his face).



Luxor Temple by night




First Pylon of Medinet Habu -

mortuary temple of Ramses III,

local schoolchildren entering.




Ramses smites his enemies, holding them by the hair, before the god Amun,

Medinet Habu



Counting the slain enemies by cutting off their right hands

Medinet Habu




Throne room of Ramses III, Medinet Habu




The bed of Ramses III




Ramses III's shower

(water drains into basin at right and would be taken out by a servant)




Feluccas at sunset, the Nile at Luxor.