Artefacts Made in the Egyptian Workshop

Pharaohs Option


Bust of Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun's gold coffin

Papyrus of Ra (by a Y4 child)

Pharaoh statue (painted by a Y4 child)

Obelisk (for y5/6 only)


Tutankhamun's gold dagger (by a Y4 child)

Horus (painted by a Y6 child)

Scarab beetle (painted by a Y4 child)

Embossed picture of Tutankhamun's wife from his gold shrine (Y5/6 only)

Y4 child painting a shabti (servant statue)


Anubis statue (painted by a Y5 child)


Papyrus of Hathor and Nakht (by a Y4 child)

Papyrus of Osiris (by a Y4 child)

Papyrus of Isis (by a Y4 child)

Papyrus of Hathor (by a Y4 child)

Picture of Osiris from Tutankhamun's Canopic shrine
(year 4-6 only)

Y4 child painting an Eye of Horus bracelet