Photos from Liverpool College Prep School, June 2013

Year 3 did a wonderful performance of the Olympian Myths as part of  Greek Legacies workshop in June 2013. Here are a few photos.

The king of the gods is Zeus. With his thunderbolt he can destroy anything,
and make any god do whatever he wants.

The wise goddess of war and crafts is Athena.

She was born from Zeus's head already armed with helmet, shield and spear.


The god of wine is Dionysus. On one sea journey his ship was attacked by pirates.
The god made the ship sprout all over with grapevines. The oars turned to snakes and lions appeared from nowhere.

The god of fire and metalwork is Hephaestus. He was born with a bad leg and his mother Hera threw
him down from Olympus. In revenge he made her a magic throne. When she sat on it her bottom stuck.
Dionysus came to the rescue. He got Hephaestus drunk on wine and persauded him to free his mother.

The goddess of farming and fruit is Demeter.


Ares and Aphrodite had a love afrair. Hephaestus [her husband] was jealous. He made a magic net out of bronze
and trapped them in it. Hephaestus only freed them when Ares paid him some money.


The goddess of hunting and the moon is Artemis, twin sister of Apollo. She has never had children
and expects her friends to do the same. One of these friends, Callisto, became pregnant.
Artemis was furious and turned her into a bear. The dogs wanted to tear her to pieces.
Zeus saved her by turning her into a constellation of stars called the Great Bear.