Athens, 490BC


 The city faces complete destruction. A vast invading army is encamped at the Bay of Marathon, a day’s march away. They are the Persians, and they have defeated forty-six nations.


Euphorion, son of Aeschylos, wonders if Athens will be next. Should they submit, or fight? Will Sparta help? And what can he, a 13 year-old boy, do about it?






Marathon is a novel for children aged about 9 and up. It is a fictional retelling of one of the most amazing true stories in history - the battle of Marathon. 


 Marathon is packed with carefully researched detail about the historical events, the characters, the setting, and the culture of ancient Athens. In addition to the 200-page story, the book features:

  • 5 maps  see an example here

  • diagrams showing a hoplite & the formation of the phalanx

  • 11 photos, showing Athens, Marathon, hoplite re-enactors, & busts of the characters

  • a guide to pronunciation of Greek names

  • a brief history of ‘what happened next’

  • a free laminated bookmark:

Read chapter 1 for free!


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