Mirrors were usually made of bronze, but sometimes of silver and gold. They were highly polished so they reflected quite well. They were used by Egyptian ladies to apply make-up, adjust their wigs and jewellery, and so on.

Mirrors were very popular and lots have been found. The top part was shaped like the hieroglyph for the sun, re, also the sun god.

Left is the mirror of Princess Sat-Hathor-Iunet. The top is made of silver and the handle is shaped like a papyrus flower with a face of Hathor.

Hathor was the goddess of beauty, love, fertility, music, dance, and the necropolis in the West (the graveyards of pharaohs).

Hathor often appeared as a cow, or a woman with cow's ears. She usually has a wig, and sometimes cow horns and a sun disc on her head. 

Head of Hathor, from the Temple of Hatshepsut

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You can see my reflection in this mirror

Hathor was the wife of Horus, and her name means 'House of Horus'. It is pronounced Hat-Hor. Hathor had a temple at Dendara, which can still be seen today.

Ivory mirror handle, Bolton Museum  



bronze mirror in the Manchester Museum