The Nebamun Tomb Paintings in the British Museum

In 2010 a new display opened in the British Museum in London. For the previous 10 years (!) skilled artists at the museum had been conserving a series of paintings from the tomb of Nebamun, a nobleman from the 18th dynasty, the time of pharaoh Thutmose IV (about 100 years before Tutankhamun). His official title was "scribe and grain accountant in the granary of divine offerings of Amun" - in other words, he kept track of how much wheat and barley was grown for the temple of the god Amun.

Nebamun's tomb paintings are regarded as some of the best Egyptian wall paintings ever. Over Easter 2011 I took some photos of the paintings - see what you think. You can see some of my copies of these paintings here. There are scenes of the funeral banquet, with female musicians and dancers, of Nebamun hunting in the afterlife, and scenes of counting cattle and geese. They are quite beautiful!