Dear parent or guardian,

On _______________________ your child’s class will receive a visitor, Tony North, who will teach the class a special workshop on ancient Egypt. This will include a lesson on hieroglyphic writing and on making ancient artefacts. At the end of the workshop a boy and a girl will be selected to dress up as ancient Egyptians. This will include use of liquid eyeliner, which will be applied delicately with a paintbrush. Blush for cheeks and lipstick will also be used. The eyeliner is dermatologically tested and should be safe, but some children have sensitive skin, and so you may prefer your child not to have this make-up applied. All the children may also try perfume containing incense, and nut oil. Please sign the form below if you consent to your child wearing make-up or trying the perfume, and return it to school as soon as possible.




I do/do not* give my consent for my child, _______________________, to try make-up/perfume in the ancient Egypt workshop.

Signed:__________________________________                 Date:_________________

* delete as appropriate