How to Prepare for the Greek Warfare Workshop


1.     If you have an interactive whiteboard, please have it ready so I can show my photos.

2.    Divide the children into groups of four to make the weapons and armour. Two children in each group will make a helmet and  two will make a shield.  Please arrange the tables for these groups of four and have children sit in their groups before I arrive. Please note that resources will be provided so that a minimum of 2 children are working on each item.

3.   Please arrange for us to have break from 10.15-10.30, in order to allow time to make the helmets and shields.

4.   The shield and helmet making is challenging and it will help a great deal if you can have assistants present to help (from after break till lunchtime). During break I will set out the materials, and it will be very helpful if I can have a few children to help me. We will need children to spend some of lunch time continuing to work on the armour, and we will also use about 20 minutes of the afternoon session to finish off decorating etc.

5.    Please make sure the following are available for making the helmets and shields:


1 pencil per child these must be sharp

1 eraser per group

1 pair of scissors per child

1 Pritt stick per group

2 thick felt tips/marker pens per group (black and red)

Covers for the tables (children will use permanent markers for the shield decoration)


6.    Make sure the playground or field is free for the afternoon (the last half hour of it). If it is wet we will need the hall so it is best to reserve that too.


I look forward to teaching your children about ancient Greek warfare.