Comments from Teachers and Children About the Pyramids workshop

'Overall it was such a wonderful day! It was obvious that the girls enjoyed themselves, and also that they learned a great deal throughout the day. I thought the class discussions, especially with a class of girls who are so keen, were very successful. Also, having the experiments in the morning, where they were in small groups, worked out really well. The afternoon was SO FUN! They all loved it, regardless of what job they had, they were eager to write about their contribution, and how what they did helped the whole class project. I also thought it worked really well to have all the building for the girls to colour and cut afterwards, so that whenever they finished, they had a task to complete.'

- Kathryn Gardner, Y4 teacher at Withington Girls' School, Manchester

'We all had a wonderful day. The children were fascinated by the hands on learning.  The sand tray, sled and ramp brought to life the difficulties of pulling the stones up on sand. It was a really clear way of illustrating the building of the pyramids, the children were still commenting on the hands on activities days after. The children wanted to play back the video the next day. 

We were all very impressed with the quality of the pyramid blocks, tools etc. the children used, it was obvious a lot had care had been taken to make them. Likewise a lot of thought and attention to detail had gone into all the activities the children carried out during the day. The quality of the artefacts they made were fantastic, I am sure there is going to be a lot of difficulty choosing who takes home what!'

- Liz Kennerley, Y4 teacher at Norris Bank Primary in Stockport
The class did the pyramid activities in the morning and the artefacts session from the Gods and Pharaohs workshop in the afternoon. See photos here.

'A very interesting and informative day examining many aspects of the building of and the symbolic meaning surrounding the pyramids for ancient Egyptians.  The children really enjoyed the information and activities and were thoroughly engaged throughout the day.'

- Ian Mclean, Y4/5 teacher at Wrenbury Primary School, nr. Nantwich
This school was the first to do the full day including the pyramid model making in the afternoon. You can see photos from this school

To Tony,

Thank you for a fantastic lesson at James Brindley on Monday. I enjoyed making the ramp and pyramid out of blocks. I learnt lots and can't wait to get stuck into "The King Herself", it looks really good too!

From Phoebe (at James Brindley Primary School, Worsley)