Pictures from Rocks and Fossils workshops

Year 4 at Belgrave Academy, Stoke, Sept 2013

Fossil Hunt - children have to pick out fossils from a box of rocks
(mya = million years ago)
Looking for fossils in a box collected from Whitby - ammonites, belemnites and bivalves
Jurassic, 187mya
Fossil plants collected from New Hey Quarry, Lancs
Carboniferous (315mya)
Corals, brachiopods, crinoids and trilobites from Dudley
Silurian, 425mya
Corals, brachiopods and crinoids from Birley Hill and quarry, N. Wales
Carboniferous, 330mya

  Fossil ID and Drawing - children have to identify a fossil of a particular type,
e.g. which species of ammonite or trilobite, then draw it
Identifying a trilobite, using a guide
Identifying a plant fossil, using a hand lens
Drawing a stigmaria (fossil tree root)

Drawing corals


Fossil Drawings by Year 3 at Chorlton CE Primary, Dec 2013