Artefacts Game - Answers



1. Celtic coins, gold

2. Roman relief from a sarcophagus, a stone coffin.


3.Celtic horse harness attachment, bronze and enamel (coloured glass)

4. Roman marble statue of the god Bacchus.

5. Roman wine jug, bronze and enamel


6. Roman mosaic, stone,

floor decoration at Fishbourne, England.

7. Roman gold earrings

8. Gold torc, Celtic necklace


9. Celtic bronze helmet

10. Roman statuette of a lady dancer, pottery


11. Roman silver spoons (from Mildenhall Treasure)


12. Celtic bronze pony mask


13. Celtic stone relief.

Shows Celtic god Cernunnos, with deer antlers.

Carved in Roman style.

14. Roman mosaic, stone.

From a villa in England. Shows Jesus Christ (or some say a priest).


15. A Roman shield boss, bronze.

16. Celtic bronze mirror.


17. Roman silver coins (with face of Emperor Augustus).

18. Celtic shield, bronze and enamel.

This is the famous Battersea shield, in the British Museum.


19. Celtic sword, replica. Steel (would have been made with iron or bronze).


20. Roman stone relief showing a cavalryman.

From a tombstone.


21. Celtic armbands. Bronze and enamel.

22. Roman silver vase. Owned by a wealthy Roman official.


23. Roman soldier's sword.

Iron, with wood and ivory handle, and bronze sheath.

24. Celtic 'dragonesque' brooch. Bronze and enamel.

For fastening clothes together.

25. Roman cameo.

Jewellery carved in fine detail from certain stones (e.g. Sardonyx)