Replicas of Roman and Celtic metal art which the children will make.

The round items are about 9cm wide. The size is given for larger items.


The originals are shown with each item.


Roman items shown first. Click here for Celtic.







Version children will make


Original artefact


Silver denarius coin of Julius Caesar,
struck 49-48BC
to celebrate war victories

Showing an elephant.
22 million of these coins were made.

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Gold aureus coin made to celebrate Marciana,
the sister of Emperor Trajan,
becoming a god.
AD 98-117

The inscription says 'CONSECRATIO'
which means 'consecration'.

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Gold aureus coin of Emperor Augustus
showing a bull
Inscription: IMP X,
short for IMPERATOR X
- this means Augustus had been
emperor for 10 years

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Silver denarius coin of Julius Caesar
44BC, the year he was assassinated
Meaning: Caesar dictator forever
In 45BC Caesar was declared dictator
(ruler of Rome) for the rest of his life.

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Silver torc made by year 4 child

The Great Torc from Snettisham
in Norfolk, made 70BC. Now in the British Museum.
Made from 8 sets of 8 twisted wires

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Silver torcs from Snettisham



Horse strap mount
Found at Polden Hill in Somerset, 1800
Copper alloy and enamel, 15cm long

Horse harness mount
Bronze and enamel, 7cm
1st century AD
Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology


Handle from a bronze bowl, inlaid with enamel
In the form of a cat's head
Bowl found near Mount Snowdon in Wales, 1974


Bronze brooch,
triskele style (3 legs)
British Museum


Silver coin of the Trinovantes tribe
found north of the Thames
1st century BC to 1st century AD

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Gold coin of King Cunobelinus,
of the Catevellauni tribe
Ruled AD10-42

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Silver coin of the Iceni tribe
from Norfolk, 1st century AD

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