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Convincing and memorable characters are essential to a good story. What makes one character seem to breathe, and another to flop lifelessly on the page?

In this workshop for Year 4-6, children will learn how to create and write good story characters. The workshop lasts half a day and takes place on your classroom. At present a minimum of two sessions must be booked for the same day, for two classes.

The cost is £75 per session, £149 per day.

Each child will also receive a colour bookmark with one of 10 story characters.


National Curriculum Targets Covered

Year 3: writing portraits of characters; discuss characters’ feelings, behaviour and relationships.

Year 4: investigate how characters are built up from small details; identify main characteristics of key characters; writing character sketches; how settings affect characters’ behaviour; describing attitudes and emotions.

Year 5: how characters are presented through dialogue, action, description; viewpoint of different characters; taking perspective of another character; maintain consistency of character in writing.

Year 6: plan characters.


All children must be able to read and write, although with the help of classroom assistants lower ability children will also benefit. The lesson is too difficult for most Year 3s, however.



Plan of the Workshop

1. Introduction: what story characters do the children like? What makes a good character?

2. Creating characters, by filling in a table of traits, such as age, sex, appearance, personality, likes and dislikes, history, and quirks. We first create one well-known character (real or fictional) together then the children will each create their own.

3. Taking the perspective of the character in a particular situation - imagining his or her feelings, speech, and actions.

4. How well-known authors (e.g. A.A. Milne, J.Wilson) depict character, using description, action, speech, thoughts, and using the principle ‘show, don’t tell’.

5. Writing the character into a scene. I will give on-the-spot advice as children write a mini-story as an exercise in depicting character.

6. If time allows some children will read their stories and the class will give constructive feedback.

7. I will read chapter 1 of my novel, The King Herself, and the class will discuss the characters. I will finally answer any questions the children may have.

To book the workshop contact me at: tnorth67@hotmail.com, or call 0161 438 6634, or 07754 406422