How to Read the Hieroglyphs in the Novel

Below is a list of all the hieroglyphic letters and words in the book. But before you can read the sentences, you will need to know some rules of grammar.

In Egyptian, the verb comes first in the sentence, then the subject (the person or thing doing the verb), then the object (what it's being done to).

For example, if we take the sentence 'Danny drank the water', in Egyptian the order would be 'Drank Danny the water.'

Adjectives go after the noun they describe and agree with the gender of it. So a feminine noun like Her Majesty has a feminine adjective with a 't' ending. For example the word for beautiful, nefer, becomes nefret.

Also, there is no punctuation in Egyptian - no full stops or capital letters. Words do not have gaps between them - not even sentences! And often hieroglyphs are stacked on top of each other to save space. If they are, then always read them down. And there is no word for 'and'.

You can learn more about hieroglyphs here.


Here are the letters:


Numbers: is ten, and a line is one, so is four. Therefore is 34. Get it?



about, at






 maat (truth, right)






 Mut (goddess, wife of Amun)



 close (verb)



(verb in between)  

 no one (literally not a man. The verb goes in the middle - e.g. not saw a man means no one saw)







 both used for plural (e.g. dogs instead of dog)

 Djeser Djeseru


 draw, draw up, write








 eternity, forever

 rope, cord





 first prophet, high priest


 fly (verb)





 Sole Companion (title of a nobleman)


 speak, say

 Great Place (Valley of the Kings)













 through fear of

 her Majesty










 in order to




 in, of, to




 ka (soul, life force)

 Kemet (Egypt, the Black Land)