Hieroglyphs are the symbols used by the ancient Egyptians for their writing. Each hieroglyph is a picture of something.

Follow the links below to find out lots more about hieroglyphs, and play a few games.


1. The Gods' Names - including Name the God's Name Game!


2. Pharaohs' Names - including two Name the Pharaoh's Name Games!









3. About Hieroglyphic Writing - your questions answered:

What does 'hieroglyph' mean?

What are hieroglyphs?

What were hieroglyphs written on? with a special section on papyrus

What were hieroglyphs written with? - pens and paints

Who wrote hieroglyphs?      scribes

When was hieroglyphic invented?


How did scribes learn to write? - schools

What sort of things did the Egyptians write?

What is hieratic?

What is demotic?

How did we learn to translate hieroglyphs? - the Rosetta Stone

How did the Egyptian language change?










4. Reading and writing hieroglyphs

What direction do you read hieroglyphs in?

What, no vowels?

What different kinds of hieroglyph are there?

What are the 'alphabetic' hieroglyphs?

What are some other hieroglyphs?

How do you write your name in hieroglyphs?

How do you write 'neatly' in hieroglyphic?

How do you write sentences?






Test yourself!

Click on the hieroglyph to go to a worksheet.

Click here for some famous (present day) names written in hieroglyphs: 

Click here for some hieroglyphic sentences to translate into English: 


Click here for some English sentences to write in hieroglyphic: