Can you read hieroglyphic?

See if you can translate these hieroglyphic sentences. There is a table below with all the hieroglyphs you'll need, and also some rules about how Egyptian sentences are put together. Write your sentences in English on a piece of paper, then click here for the answers.


A few other hieroglyphs you'll need to know:

son or daughter     of, from, in, at       or
plural (makes a word more than one, like dogs or cats)     or at the end of the word   this oval means that what's inside is the name of a royal person, like a king or queen  

How Egyptian sentences are put together

A lot of the words are back to front in Egyptian sentences. Look at these rules:


A sentence in English How it's written in Egyptian

1. In a sentence, the verb comes first

I run run I
  I love you love I you
2. Adjectives come after the word they describe The beautiful girl girl beautiful
3. Words like my and your come after the word they describe My mother mother my
  Your dog dog your

4. Usually you don't need to say am, are, or is

John is cool John cool
  I am great I great
5. There is no the or a The dog chased the cat chased dog cat
6. There are no gaps between words I love cheese sandwiches loveIsandwichesofcheese

Good luck!