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The style of architecture (building design) invented by the ancient Greeks has been more influential on western civilisation than any other. It has been said that the Parthenon is the most important structure ever built. (Western civilisation means mainly Europe and North America).


In the 6th century BC the Greeks began using marble to construct temples and other important buildings. The roofs were held up by columns. The Greeks got the idea for stone columns from the Egyptians. Marble is a much stronger and harder stone than the limestone and sandstone the Egyptians used, and this allowed them to make much more slender and graceful columns. It also allowed them to carve very fine sculptures, statues of heroes and gods, either on the temples themselves or as separate standing figures.

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reconstruction of the Parthenon, with painted sculptures

Caryatid columns of the Erechtheion (temple on the Acropolis)