Lesson Plan for Clothing and Make-up

Research on Computers

1. Briefly review with the children what they learned about clothing, make-up, wigs etc., in the last part of the workshop. What was it like to wear these clothes? What did the ointment smell like? What were the clothes made of? (linen)

2. Allocate one of the six topics below to children in pairs or alone, as you prefer.

3. Children can then go onto the computers, go to my website, www.timetrips.co.uk, and click on clothing and make-up on the right side of the screen. There are links to the following six topics:

clothes                     make-up           hair

keeping clean           perfume            shoes

4. Children should read the page and take notes. If you prefer you can print out the pages to give them, but they will not be in colour.

5. The children can give an oral presentation, or make a poster, or write a little essay.

6. As an extension to this lesson, you can allow the children either to research one or more of the other topics on this page, or to do a search on Google for further information on the web.