Follow-up Lesson Plans for Teachers

I have devised a variety of lessons based on the topics studied in the Egypt workshop. I have rated activities in terms of difficulty, from easy (E) to moderate (M) to hard (H). Please pick and choose as you wish, and feel free to print any pages you may need.

If you try these lessons and have any suggestions for improvement, please let me know by email.



1. Research on computers E-M

2. Translating famous names E

3. Reading Egyptian sentences M

4. Translating English sentences into Egyptian H

5. Write more of your own sentences & read others' M-H

6. Spotting hieroglyphs in the Manchester Museum M



1. Research on computers E-M

2. Class discussions/Write a short essay M-H

3. Making a museum display M

4. A trip to the Manchester Museum - various activities including finding and drawing objects seen in the workshop and a 'treasure hunt'. E-M

NOTE - the Ancient Egypt display at the Manchester Museum is changing, so this lesson plan may not be applicable at present. Watch this space!


Clothing and Make-up

1. Research on computers E-M

2. Draw an Egyptian E-M

3. Class discussions E-M

4. Spotting items relating to clothing and cosmetics in the Manchester Museum E


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