Lesson Plan for Clothing and Make-up

Class discussions

A study of Egyptian clothing and make-up can lead to some interesting class discussions. You could address some of the following questions (preferably after the children have done some research):

1. What do you think of the Egyptian's clothing, make-up, jewellery & perfume? Do you like them? Why, or why not?

2. Why did the Egyptians use make-up, jewellery and perfume? Why do we use make-up, jewellery and perfume?

3. Why did Egyptian children often go naked? Was this wrong?

4. Why did the Egyptians wear wigs? Do you think their wigs were attractive? Why do people wear wigs today?

5. What did the Egyptians think made someone beautiful? What do we think is beautiful today? Have ideas of beauty changed through history? How?

6. Did the Egyptians keep clean? How? Why? Were they as clean as we are today?


Some of these questions could be given as short essays, or perhaps as oral presentations, for older or more able children.