Lesson Plan for Hieroglyphs

Translating famous names

1. Highlight this table with the alphabetic hieroglyphs and the famous names written in hieroglyphs, and print it. (or the children can do all this on the computer - see below)




Photocopy and hand out the sheet in class.

2. Review what the alphabetic hieroglyphs are and the rules for writing names. Especially point out that the hieroglyphs used are based on the sounds in the children's names - so for example Lucy uses an s sound not a c

3. You may want children to work out once again how to write their own names. Go over a few examples on the board.

4. Let the children try to translate the names on the sheet. They are all of famous people, some fictional, from modern times, not ancient Egypt. If you want you can give them these clues.

1.  The grumpy green giant 7.  Mr. Mathers
2.  Likes his snacks 8.  The man in charge
3.  He's no muggle 9.  He likes his precious
4.  A real swinger, baby! 10. Can't get this one out of my head...
5.  Not very good at penalties... 11.  He was the last samurai born on the fourth of July
6.  Some say he's wacko

 The answers are as follows:

1. Shrek 7. Eminem
2. Scooby Doo 8. Tony Blair
3. Harry Potter 9. Gollum
4. Spider-man 10. Kylie Minogue
5. David Beckham 11. Tom Cruise
6. Michael Jackson  

5. Alternatively the children can do the famous names test on the computer. The link to the test is on the hieroglyphs research page (which is reached from the home page). Once they have written their answers they will need a password to go to the answers. The password is osiris.