Thoth was the god of writing and scribes. The Egyptians believed Thoth invented hieroglyphs and all arts and sciences, and he was seen as the god of wisdom and knowledge. He was shown as an ibis or with the head of an ibis (a water bird with a long neck and long curved beak). Sometimes he is also shown as a baboon.


Thoth was also god of the moon and is sometimes shown with a crescent on his head. He is seen on papyrus paintings of the weighing of the heart, for it was his job to record whether the dead person had been judged as good or bad. He was worshipped especially at Khemenu (later called Hermopolis, for the Greeks identified Thoth with Hermes, the messenger god).


Thoth is the Greek version of the Egyptian 'Djehuti'. Several pharaohs were named after him - Thutmose I, II, III and IV.