Photos from Anglo-Saxon Workshops, Jewellery Session

Year 5 at Brandwood Primary in Bolton, April 2015

This was the first time I did the jewellery lesson.

a paper template is clipped on and children draw over the lines with a pen.

This makes lines on the card or foil underneath.
Children then go over the lines with an embossing tool,
to make them clearer.

Most children use gold or silver foil.

Some children work with silver foil. They use black permanent pens to recreate the 'niello' black background.

Going over the lines with an embossing tool.

Children also draw hatching - a cross pattern, as on the
 original jewels. This makes the garnet more reflective. We use
red sticky back plastic for the garnet.

The foil is cut out.

The foil is then glued onto a backing of gold or silver card.
Finally a safety pin is taped on the back
so the brooch can be worn.

Gluing on the foil.

For some items a red glass bead is also stuck on.

  The finished items:



New items, the Finglesham Brooch and a Kentish gold brooch,

made at Tithe Barn Primary, Stockport, April 2016:


Display showing jewellery made by year 5 at St. Aidan's RC Primary. Manchester, in 2016