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Preparing for the Anglo-Saxons Workshop

The workshop will start at about 9.45. I will arrive about 9.15 and start setting up for the craft activities.


If you have an interactive whiteboard please have it set up so I can display my photos


Make sure the tables are arranged in groups of four or six seats. Please cover all the tables in advance (ideally with plastic sheets). Also please put out some of the art materials on the tables (see below).


I will need 4 children (and an adult if possible) to help me set up from 9.15 to 9.45 and also over lunch. The class will need to be out of the room at this time.


Please assign the children into pairs who will be able to assist each other with the craft activities.


Please arrange for at least two assistants to help the children make the artefacts. The activities are challenging and the more helpers you can get the better. I suggest asking parents to come in we have found that parents always enjoy the activities and feel good about helping the class.


Please ensure the following items are present in the classroom on the day of the visit. Please put out the pencils, scissors, rulers, glue sticks and glue spreaders on the tables in advance.

Table at front of room for my own use, under the whiteboard

1 pair of scissors/child

1 pencil/child

1 glue stick/pair (Pritt sticks ideally)

1 glue spreader/pair

Paper towels

12 rulers

Plastic sheets to cover tables (please do this in advance)

Art overalls (for glue and permanent markers)

6 small containers for glue (do not put glue in these pots I will bring my own)