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Teachers' comments

'The activities were fantastic and really engaging with lots of maths involved as well.' - Jo Stocks, St. Patrick's RC Primary, Liverpool


'Thank you for delivering 'Evolution Part 1' to our Year 6. The children really enjoyed it and can not wait for Part 2. We all had an excellent day. The content matched both the Science and the History framework and it was delivered with your usual expertise. The practical activities furthered the childrens' understanding and they were highly engaged and enthralled. We are all looking forward to Session 2.' - Debbie Fitzpatrick, St Aidan's Catholic Primary School, Manchester



'Mr North has just delivered the 'Evolution' workshops (Adaptation and Natural Selection) to my class and they were both fantastic. Mr North's impressive subject knowledge combined with his extensive range of resources enabled him to engage and motivate all pupils from the start. The activities were highly interactive and fun and pupils were really challenged to think deeply about this complex topic of evolution. Effective questioning and dialogue enhanced the learning at all times throughout the sessions and the great organisation meant the active learning time was maximised. I cannot recommend these workshops highly enough as Mr North is truly an expert on the topic.' - Andrea Toal, Year 6 teacher, St. Richard's RC Primary, Longsight



'Tony North visited my Year 6 class to teach us all about Evolution and Inheritance. As teachers, we felt this may be a very difficult unit to teach as it is a broad unit and new to the curriculum. Tony worked for us for two full days, teaching us about Adaptation and Natural Selection.


Day one was thoroughly enjoyable and the children could not wait for Tony to return. The children were introduced to Charles Darwin and his theory of Evolution. They worked in small groups understanding and participating in numerous activities related to Evolution and Inheritance. All of these activities were engaging for the children. As well as this, Tony rewarded the children with real fossils for answering questions.


In particular, the children loved the activity the ‘Tree of Life’. This gave them the opportunity to learn about the evolution of animal groups over millions of years including identifying fossils and also placing them on the ‘Tree of Life’. Lastly we ended the day with a carousel of activities. The children experienced the effects of camouflage, the evolution of birds, grouping carnivores and herbivores and ordering extinct and modern animals to learn about transitions in evolution. Subsequently, the children gained a much wider bank of knowledge related to adaptation.


Day 2 consisted of learning all about inheritance and natural selection. This day started off much more complex, however, the children were highly engaged throughout. Tony created fantastic, hands on games for all abilities to develop a further understanding. We did this through genes, inheritance, chromosomes and cells. The children found it very fascinating that 37 trillion cells were in their body. The ‘Cat Fur Colour’ activity was the children’s favourite. This made it very easy for them to understand how cats pass on different genes to their offspring.' - Miss K Hegarty, Year 6 teacher, St Richards RC Primary School, Longsight