The King Herself



1500 Years Before Christ: Hatshepsut, King of Upper and Lower Egypt - a woman - rules over the greatest civilisation in the world. But not everyone is happy about it.

35 Centuries Later: Danny, an unusually gifted 12 year-old, becomes obsessed with ancient Egypt and the king herself. His teacher, the beguiling Professor Celluka, takes Danny and his friend Katy on a journey out of mind, and out of time.



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Review by Adele Geras,

children's author

'This book is just the ticket for lovers of everything Egyptian. A very entertaining read, I must say. I'm sure children will enjoy it, too.'

Review by Joyce Tyldesley,

Egyptologist and author of 'Hatchepsut'

'A gripping tale packed full of mystery, excitement and time-travel, which brings ancient Egypt truly to life. As an Egyptologist I am in favour of any book which explores the ancient world. Here, the portrayal of the reign of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut is accurate
and convincing yet suitably subtle. Kids will absorb much as they read, without realising that they are learning. It is the adventure that will hook them in - and that is exactly how it should be!'

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How to read all the hieroglyphs

Has Hatshepsut's mummy been discovered?


Statue of Hatshepsut from her temple

The World of


Here you can find fascinating background stuff on every chapter - Hatshepsut, her temple, and lots more. I suggest you read each chapter first to avoid spoilers!


 1 - The Girl Who Could Fly

 2 - Contact

 3 - The Professor

 4 - Christmas Revelations

 5 - Blooming: Hatshepsut

 6 - The Land of the Pharaohs

 7 - Luxor: Karnak, the Obelisk, KV20, Djeser Djeseru

 8 - The Holy of Holies

 9 - The Beautiful Feast

10 - A Friend Indeed

11 - The Valley By Night

12 - The Chief Steward

13 - Stitched in Time

14 - Across the River

15 - The Feast of Horus

16 - Divine Intervention

17 - Help at Hand

18 - The Trial

19 - A Trip Downriver

20 - Sobek's Servants

21 - Jaws

22 - A Farewell to Thebes

23 - A Place Like Home

24 - The Tomb

25 - The Magpie

26 - The Flight of the Falcon