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Lesson Plans for the Greece Workshop

As a follow up to the Greece Workshop, you may wish to try one or more of these lessons. Some are linked to other curriculum areas such as literacy, art, and maths. Please feel free to copy and print any pages you need. The lessons are rated for difficulty, D = difficult, M = moderate, E = easy (for a typical year 5 class).


1. Research the gods E

2. Test knowledge of gods E

3. Create a myth M

4. Invent a god M

5. Discuss Greek religion M/D



1. Research the Parthenon E

2. Draw model of temple M

3. Test knowledge of parts of temple & columns M

4. Investigate classical architecture in local area; Graph types of columns/types of buildings M

5. Design a classical building D

6. Debate on the Elgin Marbles M/D


1. Research Greek theatre on this website E

2. Write and perform a Greek play D

3. Redo the play from the workshop or another from my website M

4. Make theatre masks D

5. Retell a myth from point of view of the monster M

6. Make a model of a Greek theatre M